Control Anomalies, Predict the Future and Optimize Your Business

Industry Cloud You Can Use

We create technologies to connect your product performance data to your business process. Our MACHForc application on platform helps you maximize the full power of industrial IoT and cloud. The prescriptive analytics tools can help you leverage data to decide which equipment needs maintenance next or machine needing adjustments for chemical mixing.

Connect, Measure, and Produce Results

At remoteMX, we help activate smooth data collection and transmission between remote plant sites and industry cloud applications with easy user-friendly access. Your connections are secure and encrypted whether wireless or fixed communication line. We use Digi Device Cloud and adapters for easy interoperability of data between systems.

We Can Connect Almost Anything

We know that you have field input variables that come in many ranges, shapes and sizes. Whether they are
– sensors, meters, actuators, controllers with signal interfaces like 4-20mA, 0-30VDC, MODBUS, RS-232 or other customized interfaces,
we can accommodated them to the adapter for signal processing and data transmission.