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Our MACHForc application helps you be aware of alerts, opportunities, anomalies and data problems by linking measurement data and control data with processes like Field Maintenance, CRM and ERP. This facilitates you to focus on the most important aspects of your business: operations and growth.

We offer solutions for fresh water, waste water supply management, paper mills, chemical suppliers, power plants and many other industrial segments.



Case example 1:

The Challenge: A Fortune 500 NYSE listed company had its paper mills needed to reduce chemical additives, control microbial growth and reduce deposit formation in their paper-making machines at over 30 global locations.

The Solution: remoteMX developers designed a customized MACHForc to convert input data from various sensors like pH, temperature, pressure, Oxidation level etc. to be accessible by end-users anywhere in the globe to make plant operation and proactive maintenance decisions. Armed the users with predictive analytics tools and alerts to make quick decisions.

The Result: The Company achieved lower plant downtime, lower energy cost, lower materials costs, and gained in sustainability index for company.


Case example 2:

The Challenge: A Scandinavian city water and waste water management group wanted to lower consumption and forecast their water quantity more accurately as well as maintain their pumping stations proactively.

The Solution: remoteMX assessed the needs and customized a solution to monitor all pumps, water flow, pressure and faults in real-time user access from any device.

The Result: As a result, budgeting has become more accurate, consumption has decreased and planning of preventive maintenance has become easy.