Industry Cloud You Can Use

MACHForc solution for maximizing your product performance


  • Process outcome data utilisation in business processes.
  • Reporting, data visualisation and analytics.
  • Trigger management to create service requests (Cases) and business actions based on the process outcome data.
  • Manage the sharing of the data in the value chain.
  • On Saleforce 1 Mobile


MACHForc connects the Internet of Things to business processes.

MACHForc is a Software As A Service application used by:

  • industrial service providers, sales, customer service, maintenance and management
  • customers
  • authorities
  • industrial service provider’s subcontractors

MACHForc gathers measurement data, stores it, and analyzes and refines business actions from it:

  • work orders for industrial service
  • predicted actions for maintenance
  • information for service plan management
  • reports for customer service
  • opportunities for sales

MACHForc can be used via web browser as well as with tablets and smart phones.

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