Connect, Measure, and Produce Results

At remoteMX, we help activate smooth data collection and transmission between remote plant sites and industry cloud applications with easy user-friendly access. Your connections are secure and encrypted whether wireless or fixed communication line. We use Digi Device Cloud and adapters for easy interoperability of data between systems.

Data flow between sensors and service cloud is a vital part of the Internet Of Things -solutions. It enables remote management and control of the devices and data gathering. The main idea is to connect the measurement and control devices as a part of the cloud solution applications. Typically this is achieved with mobile or landline Internet connection but also nowadays a satellite Internet connection is possible.





We offer a scalable and easy-to-control solution for data gathering with Digi devices and Digi Device Cloud.


Example of Internet Gateway:

Digi ConnectPort X4 Internet -gateway suites well even for extreme weather condition

  • Deliver data sent from XBee-adapter to MACHForc
  • Dimensions: 13.33cm x 8.5 cm x 2.54cm
  • Input voltage: 6-30VDC
  • Temperature: -35 °C – 70 °C
  • Data transmitted with GPRS or 3G -connection
  • VPN security as an option
  • Mounting kit: Cable for Modbus-connection, Power cable, GSM antenna with 1,5 m cable, installing panel for DIN-rail